Letter to President Barack Obama and United States’ House of

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Letter to President Barack Obama and United States’ House of

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[left]Letter to President Barack Obama and United States’ House of Representatives Committee

The Director of the Assyrian Genocide and Research Center, namely the Seyfo Center, Mr Sabri Atman together with Professor David Gaunt of Södertörn University / Sweden have jointly wrote to the President of the United States of America and United States’ House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, urging both the President and honorable members of the House Committee when voting on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide to consider at the same time the simultaneous Seyfo Genocide committed against the Assyrian people during World War I as one same issue.

They have expressed the importance of the recognition of the Genocide and requested the Administration serve to force Turkey to recognize its past acts. Further they have expressed their fear that without the persistence of this Administration, the Assyrian Genocide issue will remain unattended to and unanswered. As a result Assyrians will become extinct to the extent that future generations will see them as a reference only in ancient history books.

Read the letter here

Seyfo Center[/left]

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