To be continue Saint Pishoy -2

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To be continue Saint Pishoy -2

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At age 20 (circa A.D. 340), Pishoi left into the wilderness of Scetis (or Ascete, from which the word"Ascetic" was derived), were he met the great Abba Pambo (pronounced Pamwo). This great teacher was a Disciple of Saint Macarius the great, and the teacher of Abba John the Dwarf. This great Saint trained the young Pishoi in the tradition of the great Ascetics of the wilderness of Egypt.
Through his obedience and strife, he soon earned a place among the monks and was vested in the Monastic garb by his teacher who surnamed him "the Luminous". When Abba Pambo departed to Paradise, Abba Pishoi remained with his friend Abba John the Dwarfing the place where the "Tree of obedience" grew. It may be appropriate at this point, to digress a little to recount the story of this tree. In order to train Abba John the Dwarf to be obedient, the great Abba Pambo gave him his staff and asked him to plant it and water it every day. Abba John the dwarf did this unquestioningly for three years, at the end of which the staff started to grow leaves and brought fruit. And the great Abba Pambo carried some of the fruits and went around the brethren offering them a taste of the fruit of the "Tree of obedience". Abba Pishoi gradually increased his ascetic efforts so much so that he fasted for one week at a time and when he ate, he only ate bread and salt. He memorized many of the books of the Scripture, while keeping the tradition of the Desert Fathers: weaving baskets while reciting his Psalmody. One book of the Scripture that had a special place in his heart was the book of Jeremiah, which he often read.
At times the Prophet Jeremiah would appear to him explaining the Scripture. Although he enjoyed the company of his friend John the Dwarf, yet deep inside him was a burning desire for the solitary life. Now Abba John the dwarf perceived in his spirit that desire and one day spoke to him saying: "I know that you are thinking about the solitary life and so am I, so let us spend the whole night in prayer that God may grant us discernment regarding this matter". And indeed the Angel of the Lord declared unto them that they are to depart, with John staying in the place where they both used to live. And Pishoi arose early in the morning and went two miles south of that place where he found a cave, and he lived there for three years where he set his eyes on no one. He exercised his Access more diligently, and practiced continuous prayers, and long vigils, always recalling the Master's words: "He that lost his life for my sake shall find it".

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To be continue Saint Pishoy -2

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شلومو وحوبو
تودي ساغي لك يا ملفونيتو ليندا بشير على هذا النشاط
اريد أن اذكركِ أننا قمنا بفتح صفحة خاصة بلغاتة عددة ومنه الانكليزية

ياريت لو تنقلي الموضوع إلى الصغحة الجديدة
هذا هو الرابط

عندما تدخلين إلى الموقع ومن الصفحة الرئيسية تشاهدين اعلام
كل علم هو صفحة خاصة بلغة خاصة
فمن الأفضل أن تنشري المواضيع حسب اللغة

وإذا كان هناك أي صعوبة فنحن للمساعدة دوما
أنا استطيع الان نقل الموضوع لن جيد أن يكون باسم الكاتب

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