Christianity and legislation -END

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Christianity and legislation -END

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The Christian is always working in the building of the human internal saluting qualifies him to accept the perfection that God wants him.

A person who is accustomed to chastity and purity from the inside is not expected to bring it under control policeman of Arts from the outside, because it has in the prevention, deterrence within

Before that there is divine status as the laws and rules set by God in man is higher than the written laws, as they exist with the human presence in the human heart and feelings instinctively linked to the idea of justice is intrinsically tied to it, according to some philosophers: the natural rights in the laws must
Insight to be left on his guidance and example to the top of her sight diagnosed rights situation, and woven into the example to imitate them and approaching them as much as possible closer to a human in essence and humanity because, in essence, are glimpses of humanity in God, and divine justice.
So when Cain killed his brother Abel, he knew that the heinous crime of taboo had been signed with that will [do not kill] in the law of Moses were not at the time had been received.
As well as when Af Yusuf for the commission of the act of adultery and escaped through the commission of sin were not the law of Moses [Do not commit adultery] had been received but there was a law in the human soul within the human programmed Behaves and his humanity is superior to the laws of Civil Status as a whole, and the oldest of those submitted by the prophets.
There was internal deterrence that comes from these laws of the High Commissioner, of the same rights. Deterrence procedure has a negative side is that denial does human error. The positive aspect is the work of love and goodness and righteousness.
If deterrence fails procedure begins with the law enacted Ea and materials to deter external and we can be like to some extent that is true expression of Christianity and the law is the prevention or treatment of amputation is no doubt that prevention is better than cure in accordance with the maxim:” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

This is the thing that called for him to Christianity.
The internal configuration of deterrence in the human and psychological , this good man, who rise and rise above the level of treatment of the law. And then enact laws and materials derived from these data to divine justice for the man who has become more in need of such treatment. In this way, Christian wanted to train people on the purity of heart and the purity of self and good work good useful, so as to be valid tools in the community and set a good example:
“let your light so good shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”.(Matthew5:16)

Germany 30.11.1994

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