To be continue Saint Pishoy 4

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To be continue Saint Pishoy 4

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The monks in the wilderness knew about the repeated appearances of the Lord to Abba Pishoi, and they were filled with the desire to witness the appearance of the Lord. Abba Pishoi prayed, asking the Lord to appear to the brethren that they may be strengthened and the Lord promised that he will appear on a certain date. Abba Pishoi told the brethren and they were very happy. Early in the morning of that day, every one started walking up the mountain where the Lord said He would
Appear. Every one wanted to be there first. Walking at the end of the trail was a frail ol man who could hardly make it up the mountain, whom hardly any one noticed except for the compassionate Abba Pishoi, who went to him and asked if he could carry him up the mountain. At first the old man felt so light but gradually he became heavier and heavier until Abba Pishoi realized that he was actually carrying the Lord. Abba Pishoi trembled and cried saying: "My Lord, the heavens are not large enough to contain Thee, and the earth trembled before Thy Majesty, so how can a sinner like me carry Thee?” And the Lord comforted him and told him that because he carried Him, his body shall not see corruption. Abba Pishoi went up the mountain to watch the other monks looking up to heaven and waiting to see the Lord, but he told them that the Lord came but the eyes of their hearts were blinded so they could not see Him.

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