Emperor Obama fiddles while Benghazi, Boston burn

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Hannani Maya
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Emperor Obama fiddles while Benghazi, Boston burn

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Emperor Obama fiddles while
Benghazi, Boston burn
Last January, President Obama proclaimed the defeat of Al
Qaeda to the sound of thunderous applause in his State of the Union Address.
While he allowed the caveat that terrorism was still a threat, he made clear
that his campaign against the shadowy organization was all but won. The problem
was that Boston would prove him wrong.

thinks he's won the war on terror. Think again.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online):
Al Qaeda isn't dead and Obama knows it. Although he has told the American people
Al Qaeda is effectively neutralized, the organization has flexed its muscles and
demonstrated they can still strike, leadership or not.

Al Qaeda enjoyed
success in Benghazi, a strike which remains unavenged. The organization is
gaining ground in North Africa, even despite their setback in Mali. In Syria, Al
Qaeda fighters have joined with the resistance and continue to spread their

In the Boston case, there are no blatant links to the
organization, in so far as they don't have official, signed Al Qaeda letterhead
in their possession. Still the brothers were Muslim jihadists and they were
sympathetic to a group that enjoys an Al Qaeda affiliation.

Even if they
didn't carry the membership card, they were by virtue of their sympathy, Al

This is what makes Al Qaeda almost impossible to destroy. It is
no longer an organization managed by a disaffected billionaire. It is now an
ideology that has spread as a natural pairing with radical Islam.

Muslims are peaceful people. They would not advocate for your demise any more
than you would theirs. However, radical, militant Islamists are friends to
nobody. Even fellow Muslims are legitimate targets if they do not subscribe to
the same extreme, ultra-conservative dogma.

Such strains of Islam make
no qualms of converting the world by the sword, after all the killing of an
infidel is no sin.

To promote their message, these people fill the dark
corners of the internet with propaganda. That propaganda also includes
instructions on how to make bombs and inspiration to target innocent people.

Welcome to the new Al Qaeda. Not one that Obama can kill with drones.
It's homegrown, it's Caucasian, and it's every bit as dangerous as the imported

Obama is ignorant of this, and it imperils every American. As
he continues his crusade to Make America safer by disarming our citizenry, he
threatens to make the country safer for Al Qaeda operatives. At a time when we
should consider liberalizing our weapons laws to allow once again for
law-abiding citizens to bear arms in public, he wants to reduce the number of
people who legally exercise their gun rights in the privacy of their home.

Even worse, the deluded Obama has cut federal funding for programs
designed to improve homeland security and prevent attacks such as the one that
occurred in Boston.

Of course, this isn't about our rights. What it's
really about is Obama who crows about victory when within the space of months,
the nation has been one-two smacked by terrorist attacks. Obama isn't fooling Al
Qaeda, he isn't fooling the sympathizers, and he isn't fooling millions of alert
American patriots.

He's fooling himself, and it's costing

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